The Energy Transition needs DigitalTF

After the switch of fossil fuel energy to sustainable energy sources, the electricity grid can no longer function the way it does today. Distributed energy sources require control to avoid grid overload. Demand and Supply of electricity will require synchronization to avoid extensive (and expensive) battery storage. Batteries need to know when to charge and discharge.
Many think that IoT technology will couple all electrical devices to a management system. This however is too expensive for all but the most power-intense applications. For an ubiquitous Smart Grid, a price breakthrough is required in communication technology. That technology is DigitalTF.

What is DigitalTF

DigitalTF is the next generation digital ripple control, AKA TF (TonFrequenz). You may think “we are phasing out ripple control” and rightfully so. Conventional ripple control broadcasts over too vast an area, is unreliable, intrusive, bulky and at a similar cost level as IoT solutions. Why bother?

DigitalTF is a paradigm shift

DigitalTF operates in the LV grid and improves ripple control a factor of 100 in every dimension: 100 times less cost, 100 times more performance. It is a revolutionary technology that changes the equation. Suddenly there is a business case for dimming of Public Lighting, a business case for residential and commercial Demand/Response, a solution for PhotoVoltaic power control according EN50438, a way to implement IEEE1547 Battery Energy Storage management.

In other words, there is finally an economical solution for all applications of the Smart Grid.

We do not claim to replace IoT. IoT will play an important role in the Smart Grid future and will certainly be used when two-way unicast communication is required. Unfortunately however IoT operating cost is significant, for each and every network node it serves. 75% of the connectivity in the Low Voltage Grid does not need IoT and is well-served with DigitalTF, at 1% of the cost.


Welcome to our website. If we have sufficiently raised your interest, please feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly give you a convincing demonstration and work with you towards your Smart Grid future.

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