Integration Reception is easily integrated into microprocessor-based devices like LED drivers, solar inverters and PowerWalls. DigitalTF supplies the required decoding algorithms and software. As such, DigitalTF reception is extremely low cost, unlike any other communication method. We have prototype LED drivers available for Public Lighting trials. These are HW unmodified Philips Xitanium SNLDAE outdoor drivers equipped with our firmware
Suitable microprocessors
Suitable microprocessors start at low-end 8-bit devices like STM8, PIC, ATtiny and similar. On such a typical device DigitalTF will consume approx 20% of the CPU load. The microcontroller needs a 10-bit ADC capable of sampling 10KHz or faster, which is nowadays supported by any modern microcontroller.
Mains A/D converter
The ADC of the microcontroller must have access to the mains voltage, which is normally already the case for LED drivers, solar inverters and PowerWalls. In case of household appliances like washing wachines, heat pumps etcetera small HW modifications will be required costing cents in the BOM.
Software and algorithms
The value for company DigitalTF is in the licensing of our algorithms and receiver software. The algorithms employ several trade secrets. Our software consists of C source code to be compiled and linked into the firmware of the device which is to become DigitalTF capable.
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