EN50438 and IEEE1547
For PhotoVoltaic systems in the LV grid, early EN50438 and IEEE1547 were sufficient to warrant LV grid safety at PV penetration levels <20%. Sufficient were a number of simple DER functions without communication for frequency and voltage disconnect, (Re-)connect timing, LV and HV ride-through and anti-islanding.
Active power control
With increasing PV penetration, this is no longer sufficient. New standards are being defined such as EN50438-2013 (<16A), CLC/TS50549 (>16A) and IEEE1547a-2014 which require communication with the solar inverter for active and reactive power output.
A low-cost solution DigitalTF is the solution by feeding all solar inverters in the connected grid with the required active and reactive power at very low cost and without commissioning. The broadcast scope is exactly right, as grid overload should be distributed evenly over all PV installations in that LV grid.
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