Battery Energy Storage
Time shift between generation and consumption
Battery Energy Storage or BES will play an important role in the future of load balancing. Sun and Wind are often not available 24/7, but our consumption is.
BES control method
BES will require information about price/scarcity of electricity. When to charge and discharge? DigitalTF provides the necessary information by providing price/scarcity and the 24-hour prediction of it. Using the 24-hour predicted profile, it will be straightforward for the BES microcontroller to determine when to charge and when to discharge, as well as the speeds of doing so.
A low-cost solution DigitalTF will enable easy integration of scattered small BES units in the LV grid. Because DigitalTF is available to every device plugged into a wall socket, even portable hand-carried units can participate without commissioning or installation.
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