Passionate about sustainability

The world is a beautiful place. At DigitalTF, we believe it is our duty to keep that so for our children and their offspring. Sustainability is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The energy transition should take place as soon as possible. We believe that DigitalTF will accelerate that transition.

Our team

The DigitalTF team has been involved in energy challenges for over 12 years. Those challenges have not changed, they have just become more urgent. We are ready to work with you to make the energy transition happen.

Willem van der Brug, CEO
Willem has been involved in first-of-a-kind engineering for over 35 years, of which 6 in the USA. With 30+ patents to his name, of which 15+ as single inventor, he also laid the foundation for DigitalTF in 2011. MsEE from the Technical University of Delft, Willem has worked on rocket testing systems, state-of-the-art medical devices, optical storage technologies and LED based lighting systems. His specialty is signal processing and performance versus price, which explains his passion for DigitalTF.
Frouke van den Berg, Communications

Frouke has been involved in communication management during most of her long career. A master of Science in psychology, Frouke knows the importance of relation management and stakeholder involvement. Frouke has spend 5 years in the USA, helping further her capabilities in the international marketplace.
Pieter Winter, Director of Engineering
An energy zealot, Pieter no doubt is one of the most experienced sustainability experts around. Living off-grid for 10+ years, Pieter knows what it takes to alleviate our need for fossil fuels. With an Ms in engineering and a long history as IT specialist and senior SW architect, Pieter is ready to lead the integration of DigitalTF into the energy transition.
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