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Over the last 2 decades, various attempts have been made to implement robust low-cost connectivity for applications which do not need high-bandwidth control. We have watched all of those attempts end in frustration. Frustration with the cost of IoT solutions, the complexity of mesh RF and PLC local networks, the difficulty to maintain and manage such solutions.

When looking at Ripple Control, many are charmed with the simplicity. It is no wonder why Ripple control (aka TF) has been and has remained so popular over so long a time. TF is easy to understand, easy to diagnose, and very useful for broadcasting a little bit of information over vast distances.

Off course, all that glitters is not gold. TF has severe issues. The cost level is too high, similar to IoT solutions. There are problems with robustness and intrusiveness. And that little bit of information that can be send is very, very little indeed.

Enter DigitalTF. It improves upon TF by a factor of 100 in all dimensions. 1% of the cost, 100 times the performance. TF broadcasts 24/7 at 20 bits/sec, within the LV grid. We invite you to visit our Technology pages to learn more about DigitalTF. Please visit the Applications pages to learn how we envision DigitalTF’s use.

DigitalTF is an IP company. Our value is in the licensing of DigitalTF technology. Licensing fees can be based per use, or per geographical region.

For trials and design-in, we provide consultancy engineering at market-conforming fees.

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